Lawrence Park Community Church

Lawrence Park Art Show

Art serves as a pathway for the Spirit into our hearts, providing insight, inspiration, and delight. Our worship integrates the arts with spirituality. During our Art Show weekend we focus on the spirituality of two and three-dimensional art at our Sunday morning worship service.

Something for all Ages

Lawrence Park Community Church has a rich program of activities for children, youth, and adults. Again this year at our art show and sale we’re featuring an emerging youth artist’s gallery. We believe in our youth!

When people ask us what we stand for, we tell them we’re United, Unlimited, and Unorthodox. What does that mean?


Besides being a congregation in the United Church, we are a congregation of friends, for making new friends. We arrive early to share a cup of coffee and greet visitors. We stay long after the service to do the same! We are deeply committed to making a difference in Toronto, supporting many charitable causes such as Camp Scugog, Out of the Cold, and New Circles.


We believe that the divine in in us, with us, and all about us. While all of us are on our own journeys we enjoy learning from each other as we seek to connect with God and find a way through life that models Jesus’ call for us to love our neighbours.


We are a big tent church that invites seekers, those from different opinions, and those looking for a church where theology is a playground rather than a battlefield. We will not tell you what to believe, but we’d love to hear more about your faith and how it enlivens your life.

Twenty-One Reasons Not to Give Up on Church

Fewer and fewer people–including one-time Evangelicals–go to church. In response, our pastor, John Suk listed a few reasons why you might consider going to (liberal!) Lawrence Park Community Church (LPCC) before you give up on religion altogether. Read it here.